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Monday, Monday

Another week of work down, another few pieces sorted out, but I’ve yet to get back to actual writing. There’s always something else to work out. One thing I changed that makes it so something else doesn’t make sense. One area that I worked on that made all the other areas look weak and poorly developed. Continue reading

Writing Myself In

You might not think so from the state of this site, but for the last year I have fancied myself something of a writer. Not A Writer, mind you,  just something of one as I’ve not yet really gotten anywhere “sharable” with it.

I think I’ve always been A Writer. Continue reading

Bye Bye iPage

Miss Eschient is about to get all ranty on iPage’s ass.


When I decided I wanted to get a domain again, it was purely for the email address. I gave up the ghost on the idea that anyone gave a shit about what I had to say a long, long time ago. So when I got, hosting wasn’t a big concern and I just went with iPage because they were cheap. “How bad can it be? My site will get like 10 hits a day.”

I should have been more concerned. Continue reading

Pics From RI 2012

Back from our trip. Even though it was pretty cold up there, I still managed to get a slew of pictures. Continue reading

This Christmas All We Want Is…

Since I’m about to go see my family for the holidays, albeit rather early, I started thinking about the holiday season in general. Every year, there’s always the inevitable “What do you want/need for Christmas?” conversations.


We really don’t celebrate the holidays. We’re blessed in that we don’t want for anything…our bills are paid, we have a place to live and food to eat. Anything else is a luxury that we don’t need a holiday to have. So lets head off the same old conversations. Don’t waste your money and effort on us, give it to those who need it.  Even the pocket change you’d spend on sending us a Christmas card is far better spent buying a can of food or something and dropping it at your local soup kitchen or animal shelter. It’s not dirty hippie, tree-hugging chain letter crap, we seriously don’t want it.


Many of these charities are local, some are national and all of them matter to us. We don’t need you to donate in our name. We don’t even need you to donate to any of these charities, put your money or items to good use wherever you want. All we want for the holidays is for your thoughts to be on those in need, because we certainly aren’t in need of more random stuff.


Jayme and I both have soft spots in our hearts for animals and one of our favorite sayings is “So and so needs a kitten,” because we think animals in general make people better people. There’s not a whole lot of kitten-based rehab out there, but there are a few that use dogs as seen in Pitbulls and Parolees. These programs use dog training as a means to rehabilitate both people and dogs.



Florida is home to several programs where dogs from local shelters are paired with inmates. Most run 8-week programs where the inmates train the dogs to prepare them for life in their forever home and the dogs train inmates to prepare them for life in an uncaged world.

Alachua County Animal Services and Florida Department of Corrections Gainesville - Paws On Parole


St. Joseph Bay Humane Society and Gulf Correctional Institution – DAWGS in Prison


Halifax Humane Society, West Volusia Kennel Club and the Tomoka Correctional Institute – Prison Pups n Pals


Tallahasse Animal Services and the Taylor Correctional Institution – UTOPIA


More programs at the Florida DoC site.


And of course, the one that got us interested, Villa Lobos. Rather than working with inmates, Villa Lobos has a history of giving jobs to paroled inmates who otherwise have a difficult time finding work once they are released.

Villa Lobos Rescue Center



Now that the reform programs are out of the way, here’s some other charities that we also support and are no less important to us.



Child’s Play is a charity created by the guys over at the webcomic Penny Arcade. Started in 2003, Child’s Play has been calling the gaming community together to bring joy to sick children by providing hospitals across the country with toys, video games and books. Every year this charity grows bigger and bigger and shows that gamers care about more than pixels in a fantasy world. You can donate cash or you can use a hospital’s Wishlist to donate items directly via Amazon.


Big Cat Rescue is a wild cat sanctuary in Tampa that houses large, exotic cats that have been orphaned, injured, abandoned or otherwise rescued. In addition to long-term care, they also operate a rehab and release program for injured and orphaned wild cats and provide education to the public via tours and advocacy. They take donations of time, money and items.


Lifenet4Families is a community outreach program that not only helps feed needy individuals and families, but also provides assistance many other aspects of day to day survival for the poor such as job training and placement, financial services, health clinics and housing. They are looking for donations of money or time.


Southeastern Guide Dogs is training school for guide dogs. Besides the normal program for matching guide dogs to the visually impaired, Southeastern Guide Dogs also runs a Paws for Patriots program that matches assistance dogs with visually and physically impaired veterans. And if that’s not enough, dogs that aren’t suited to guide dog duties are trained to become companion dogs, search and rescue dogs or bomb/drug/arson detecting dogs. They accept cash donations as well as volunteers.


Operation Homefront provides a vast number of services to both our military veterans and their families, including financial assistance, travel assistance, relocation services, home and vehicle repairs and health-related services. They accept donations of time and money.


The Florida Humane Society operates non-profit no-kill shelters. Being no-kill means resources are always stretched thin and any help offered is always appreciated. They also strive to reduce animal population with both pet and feral spay-neuter programs to pro-actively reduce the burden on shelters. They are looking for cash donations and volunteers.